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 Relationship Article: Affairs


Beyond the affair.....Reconnection and Repair


 affairs  Can Relationship Survives an Affair?


The short answer to whether a marriage can recover and grow when one partner has had an affair is... a conditional yes. Although the factors that lead to affairs are complex, the recovery and healing are twice as complex, difficult and challenging. One factor that frequently is cited ......


To Surviving an Affair Article 


 affairs 2 .  Strategies for Surviving an Affair


Few problems in marriage cause as much heartache and devastation as an extramarital affair. Most couples caught up in an affair state that they have never felt such intense emotions. 



marriage  3 .  Cyber-porn: the silent destroyer of marriage  


Pornography is commonly thought of as harmless, no-one gets hurt. There only seems to be a universally accepted 'crossing of the line' when child pornography is involved.





 4. The impact of discovering an affair


Discovering that your partner is having an affair shatters a lifelong dream of love, committment, aspirations and fidelity. You respond with anger, disbelief, confusion, sadness, shame, or numbness



  5. Marriage counselling can help to survive an affair


Many couples attend marriage counselling for the first time after discovering that their 'life partner' has had an affair or infidelity. 



   6.  Keep your affairs off the Net


INTERNET dating sites are now being used as weapons in divorce cases. he Law Institute of Victoria says warring couples are increasingly using social romance websites as evidence, which can impact the split up of assets.



    7.  Getting over an affair  


There is nothing more likely to devastate a marriage than infidelity. Many issues can challenge a marriage, but an affair rocks its core values of trust and monogamy. The good news is that infidelity does not have to lead to divorce.




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