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Media Release: Marriage and Relationships 2010



December 2010Sunday Telegraph

Keep your affairs off the Net


Internet dating sites are now being used as weapons in divorce cases. The Law Institute of Victoria says warring couples are increasingly using social romance websites as evidence, which can impact the split up of assets.


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July 2010Cleo Magazine

Relationship Mistakes

 The biggest relationship mistakes you can make. Cleo calls in the experts to show how to avoid common relationship missteps....

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June 2010Sunday Telegraph

Secrets of a happy marriage

THE secret to a happy marriage? Four hugs a day, two cosy nights in a week and cleaning the house three times a month, according to a study in the UK.  The happiest couples are those who make the effort to connect.....

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May 2010Cleo Magazine

Office Romance


With 76 per cent of Aussies surveyed admitting to an office romance, discouraging them is a wildly pointless activity. For example, the Cleo office is 95 per cent female, yet 60 percent of us have still managed to hook up through work.....

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March 2010Good Health Magazine

Surviving an Affair


There is nothing more likely to devastate a marriage than infidelity. Many issues can challenge a marriage, but an affair rocks its core values of trust and monogamy. The good news is that infidelity does not have to lead to divorce...

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