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Volunteers needed for Research Project


If you are female........


1.   In relationship, or have been in a live-in   relationship, for at least three years; 


     a. have experienced relationship  difficulties or are currently experiencing relationship difficulties;

     b. do not have, or are not suspected of having, Asperger Syndrome (AS);


2.   Your partner  does not have, or is not suspected of having, Asperger Syndrome (AS)


3.  Aged 18 years and above


4.   Can speak, read and write English 


....then you may wish to participate in a research project being conducted by the University of Sydney titled:

Life satisfaction of NeuroTypical (NT) women in relationship with an Asperger Syndrome (AS) partner: Control Group comparison Data for NT couples.

Research Aim


This study aims to investigate the Life Satisfaction of women who do not have or are not suspected of having Asperger Syndrome (AS);  are currently in, or have been involved in, a relationship with a person who also does not have or is not suspected of having Asperger Syndrome (AS). 


The relationship must have been a live-in relationship and for a minimum period of at least 3 years and you must have experienced relationship difficulties sufficient to have caused you distress during the course of your relationship.  You may have sought counseling for your relationship difficulties. 



The results of this study will be compared with the results of our previous study which investigated the life satisfaction of women who do not have AS and are in relationship with a partner who does have AS.  (Women who do not have AS and are in partnership with a person who has AS are often referred to as NeuroTypical or NT.)  It is expected that this study will contribute to improved therapeutic intervention outcomes for NT women in partnership with a person who has AS.



You are invited to participate by completing a survey form The Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI-A).  The PWI-A consists of 9 questions (8 + 1).  You will be asked to rate on a scale from zero to 10 how satisfied you are with each of the 9 items.   No time limit is set for completion of the survey however it can be completed in as little as 2 minutes. 


You will also be asked to complete the Empathy Quotient (EQ).  The EQ consists of 40 statements to which you will have to indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree. There are four response options: 'strongly agree’, 'slightly agree’, 'slightly disagree’, 'strongly disagree’.  


You will be asked to complete one open-ended question in your own words; your response to this question is optional.  You may write as little or as much as you want in your response to this question.   Participation in the research is voluntary and you may discontinue your participation at any time.  


Non-identifying demographic information including age, current occupation, previous occupation/s, relationship status, time in relationship (years), number of children and geographic area of residency (e.g. North Coast NSW; S.E.QLD) will be collected.


 survey no longer taking further candidates 



The Study is being conducted by Jennifer Bostock-Ling under the supervision of Associate Professor Steven Cumming and Professor Anita Bundy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney and approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Sydney (Ref no. 14346   13/02/2012)