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Individual Counselling


Couples therapy involving just one partner.


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Counselling can be of great benefit

to the relationship when one person seeks

assistance in understanding the relationship problems.


How can our counsellors help?    

You will gain strategies and skills towards resolving the issues and most importantly you will have support.


As changes occur within the relationship, your partner may begin to see the positives within the relationship and then decide to join you in couples counselling.


Our Specialist Psychologists and Social Workers are uniquely able to assist individuals focus on their marriage in areas such as....

  • struggles associated with marital and relationship problems

  • learning how one's personal life history or temperament, contributes to the success or failure of relationships

  • developing skills to express a range of emotional feelings

  • guiding each person on how to nurture and sustain the marriage especially as it begins to fracture

  • developing communication skills and abilities to enhance marital interaction

  • creating an awareness of potential problems and give information and resources to solve these problems should they arise

When is personal counselling recommended?   

When one partner is either unable or refuses to attend.  We often work with one partner to

  • develop an understanding of the issues relevant to their relationship,

  • to improve communication skills

  • as well as learning about affection

  • and intimacy.

Individual counselling with a focus on the marriage can bolster your relationship.   Research shows that successful marriages promote mental, physical, financial and family health and well-being.  


Although it is commonly assumed that in order to address problems within a marriage, both partners would be required to attend couples counselling to resolve the problems together.   That is, the problems have been created by two people, therefore they can be best solved with the same two people.   We have found this is not always true.


We recognise that it is not always possible for both partners to attend counselling.  Sometimes one partner might have employment situations that are prohibitive or there are difficulties finding good childcare. Illness (including mental health) or disability of one partner may be an issue. Often one partner wants some guidance and advice without making their concerns a major issue.


Should I tell my partner that I'm attending counselling?

Generally the answer is Yes....this will be something you need to gauge given the circumstances you find yourself in.




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From Callie, 29 yo,

her husband had an affair; she had 5 individual sessions, now living, with her partner, in the UK.   

We are definitely back on track, and actually the relationship is going better than ever.  
I am so thankful to the counsellor for his advice and help, it started me off on the right track, and I am so glad I came to see him.

I have started studying for a degree, my self confidence is so much higher, and I am really enjoying life.

Coming to counselling, was definitely a life changing experience for me, and I am so thankful to him. 

I wonder if you could pass on my regards and thanks to him for what he has done for me, I will always remember him, and although it was only a few sessions, it really made a difference to my life, and way of thinking. 

*the name has been changed for privacy reasons, all other details are correct.