Humaneed Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time

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About Humaneed

We apply our expertise to assist each person and couple to achieve their relationship goals and dreams. The following four points set out our approach to marriage and relationship counselling.


 We Work With You

By collaborating with you throughout the time we spend together, we assist you to build skills, acquire knowledge, ensure momentum and committment to reach your goals. We also stretch and enhance your capabilities as you participate in resolving problems in order to enhance your relationship;


 We Bring The Best of Our Service to You

Having easy access to the 'practice wisdom' of the Humaneed team is one of our key success factors. No single counsellor works in isolation. We frequently meet with our colleagues for professional support and advice.


Crafting Clarity from Complexity

We understand the complexities of todays relationships. We know that life is changing rapidly for men, women, and children. We assist you to gain awareness of the core essence of who you are and where you are in life's journey;


Preserving Our Integrity

Our Service is recognised for our integrity. We value confidentiality and respect the boundaries of our contract with you.  



That's what we do.




What do we offer?