Humaneed Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time

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Core Values


Our aim at Humaneed is to make a positive difference to the world through the service we provide.


From our experience, we can see that a person's life is vastly improved as they purposefully embark on building and developing a positive and sustainable relationship with their life partner. 


We realise and acknowledge the importance that couple relationships have in society and for the world at large. Accordingly, Humaneed is a service that does more than focus on resolving relationship disputes.


We assist couples to learn and acquire valuable relationship skills such as conflict resolution, effective listening and expression of thoughts and  feelings that increase mutual understanding, together with an increase of affection and sexual intimacy.


A central aspect of Humaneed is to assist couples gain a deeper understanding of love and committment.    


The core values that influence the daily running and development of our service are:  


Relationships nourish and sustain the human spirit;

A deeper life meaning and purpose is found within relationships;

Committed and loving relationships form the bedrock of society;

Relationship adversities offer profound life enhancing change;

Small positive change leads to sustainable relationship growth and enrichment.





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