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Who should do
Relationship Intensive Counselling?

This is a relationship rescue program

.....for a marriage in crisis, to stop marriage breakdown



The Relationship Intensive Sessions are designed for couples whose marriage is characterized by ongoing  intractable conflict , major trust issues or for those couples who can literally see that separation is looming on the horizon.


It's for couples who see no end in sight to their conflict and are embroiled in their differences.


Couples in crisis often put greater effort into arguing the rightness of their position rather than seeking an understanding of the other's view. An outcome is that no true understanding between a couple actually occurs. A marriage in this type of crisis requires a concentrated effort to prevent its breakdown.



How can the Relationship Intensive help me.......?
Through these two Intensives, each person gains greater experience and understanding of the other's concerns regardless of whether you agree on the issues, as well as gaining insight into your own position.


The process assists couples to move from places of conflict to places of understanding, reconnection and togetherness.


Through talking about past "cold" issues and current "hot" conflicts, each person is given the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, without being distracted by the intensity of emotions and the provocative language often used by couples engaged in ongoing conflict. 


The identification of elements, factors and negative effects on a marriage characterized by conflict is a daunting task, but the potential pay off for success as a couple is significant.


From this program, couples will gain greater skill and knowledge in:-


1. Problem solving techniques and reflective thinking;

2. The ability to listen without being defensive;

3. The skill of discussing problems without blaming;

4. How to get your points of difference across without demeaning and disrespect;


5. Gain greater understanding of the 'underlying problems' and apply appropriate solutions;

6. Develop capabilities to prevent unhelpful defenses such as "stonewalling" infecting the marriage;

7. To learn how to recognize and vocalize emotional needs;

8. How to understand each others experience and view of the issues;   


9. Develop the skills to simultaneously confront and support each other.



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"more than 87%

of couples have

positive and

relationship saving







"Thank you again for changing my world.


We both had exactly the experience we needed to move forward together. 


The intensives facilitated a level of insight we hadn't had and have given us the tools necessary to build our future together.
 I feel that something inside me has changed, and I can now find a level of peace and safety in the world I have sought for many years" 
Married couple.

Aged 37 and 41 yo.

With two young children.
Attended two Intensives.