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 What are the main issues couples want to work on?


Communication is the most common issue couples want to improve, many issues in fact stem from this problem.


Most concerns facing couples need sound communication skills in order to work things through. Problems with in-laws for instance need negotiation and perhaps some delicacy.


Conversations over how to parent or how to spend, all need good communication skills. It is easy to see how problems can become bigger and messier over time without it.


 About the Counsellors ?


All of our Counsellor have years of experience to help guide you.  Many have a base degree in either Psychology or Social Work, with all having completed specialist couples therapy training since.



  What's the difference between a counsellor and a marriage and relationship specialist?



What is useful about getting counselling together? 


With counselling couples learn to work together to resolve current and indeed future problems. 


Couples can improve their intimacy level and feel a sense of togetherness. Each session teaches how to talk and listen to each other. More importantly, how to understand each other at a respectful and deeper level.


As problems are resolved couples find they have strengthened the connection with each other.


How long will this take?


Understanding the process of counselling can help answer this question. Naturally the more critical the start point, the more time it may take.


This time is significantly reduced when the couple can take on negatives about themselves. The average number of session is related to many variables, but most folk would have between 5 to12 sessions.


We recommended a longer initial session can help get things started so that subsequent sessions feel more motivated.


TESTIMONIALS:  Brisbane   

From Marian, 33yo,

attended 5 couples sessions:  Brisbane

" I couldn't make sense of our situation talking to friends and family. I needed someone outside, someone professional. I'm getting clarity with marriage counselllng."
From Jason, 45 yo,

children: attended couples counselling: Brisbane  

" The conversation we had in the marriage counselling session, I've been wanting to have for 7 years. We have just existed for all those years and I wanted to know why the marriage broke down."


*the names have been changed for privacy reasons, all other details are correct.  Brisbane Marriage Counselling



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