Humaneed Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time

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Our Mission.

We are dedicated to realising our primary belief where loving and committed relationships are recognised and supported as vital in building and sustaining

a healthy and safer society for all to live harmoniously together.


We live and work by our values and beliefs. We aim to do our best and deliver

on our promises to:-


Contribute to a better life for all through increased knowledge and skills in couple relationships and pass these onto the people we assist; 


Become widely recognised as the service best known for enhancing and enriching peoples lives and relationships;  


Recognise the personal contributions of all who work in partnership with Humaneed by ensuring a professional framework to operate within;    


 Promote a relationship within the Humaneed team that allows personal satisfaction in their work and achievements, as well as opportunities for advancement; 


Be recognised as a company of heart, integrity and service;


Maintain good citizenship as a company;




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