Humaneed Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time Improving life on the planet - one relationship at a time

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Our People

To be a part of the Humaneed team, our counsellors not only have to be enthusiastic, passionate, committed and enjoy what they are doing, they also have to be highly qualified with a breadth of many years of experience. This vast experience is vital to assist couples with the complexities that marriage and relationship dynamics create.


To maintain their energy and enthusiasm, our counsellors are supported by an equally passionate and professional management team.   


This team assists by:- 

  1. Creating an environment where personal respect, appreciation, inspiration and reward are a given;
  2. Active encouragement of a motivated, spirited and creative thinking environment;
  3. Actively develop positive and supportive professional relationships with colleagues;  
  4. Encouragement of both personal and professional development.


Each counsellor is registered with their respective professional body such as:-

  • Registration with the Australian Psychological Society;
  • Registration with the Australian Association of Social Workers;
  • Registration with State based Associations' of Family Therapists.



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