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  • Communication - misunderstandings, minimal dialogue
  • Circular conflict - locked in gridlock, different argument but same fight
  • Lack of intimacy, affection and emotional closeness
  • Sexless marriage
  • A strong feeling of being alone within the marriage
  • Marital recovery following an affair and/or infidelity
  • Over involved in-laws and other family members
  • Shared parenting care and responsibilities
  • The relationship has changed significantly since having a child
  • Not feeling valued, appreciated or listened to
  • Love the person, but no longer in-love with them
  • Sharing household responsibilities
  • Alcohol and drug related matters
  • Lack of shared direction and goals




A marriage is the most complex relationship that any two people will ever have in their life, therefore, when a marriage is experiencing extreme distress you need a highly qualified and experienced 'Marriage Counsellor' to assist you to navigate the crisis.


All of our Relationship Specialists are.... 

  • Qualified and Registered Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Each has Specialised Post-graduate training in Couples Therapy
  • Experienced and seasoned Psychologists or Social Workers
  • Each committed to helping a marriage succeed
  • Value marriage and life-long committment
  • Are family focused

What's the difference between a counsellor and a marriage and relationship specialist?




These skills will equip couples to work together to resolve current and future problems and challenges leading to an enriched and meaningful life together. Ongoing feedback from our couples has proven how effectively they can meet new challenges, even years after counselling.  


Our Counsellors recognize that each marriage is unique and therefore work with each couple in an individual way.

As a couple, you will gain new insights in.....

  •  Relationship skills that can significantly improve your marriage resulting in greater...
    1. closeness
    2. intimacy
    3. togetherness
    4. shared meaningful future
  • How to talk, listen and understand each other at a respectful and deeper level
  • To find and strengthen the connection you have with each other
  • How to talk about and resolve conflictual matters to bring a couple closer together




The number of sessions depend on a range of factors, particularly given that each couple is unique. On average many couples attend between six and twelve sessions. A key determinant is the willingness of each person to participate in the counselling, along with a sense of shared responsibility for their situation.


The majority of couples who call us are doing so for the first time, and often comment that they find it unbelievable that they have reached this point of crisis. They would never had thought that this could happen to them. We make it as easy as possible to call and just talk to someone who can assist.   





From Mike and Taylor, late 30's, 2 kids: attended 3 couples sessions


"We found the counselling very helpful. I think we were surprised by some things that came out, issues that we didn't dare talk about.


We didn't understand that our different thinking processes created a lot of our problems. Like when he came home from work, I needed emotional support and his mind was still in the workplace.


We both thought the counsellor was very understanding and able to get us over 'bumps' in the conversation."



From Mark and Kelly, both 38yo, were constantly fighting: attended 12 couples sessions


"Thank you for your email. We are doing well. We are actually expecting our first child in a couple of weeks, and we couldn't be happier.


It has bought us closer together - we know that there will be some challenging times ahead but we now know how to deal with."


From Mia, 34 yo, Together for 7 years and had just called off their wedding, this was in 2008 ; they had 8 couples sessions, recently married 2010. 


"Thanks for getting in touch. Things are currently great.


My partner and I worked through our issues of communication and trust. We recently got married!"

*the name has been changed for privacy reasons, all other details are correct.




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