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To do list...for a good Relationship     




Experienced marriage and relationship counsellors have identified a number of components that are important to successful long-term relationships for couples.


  1. Investing time into the relationship;

  2. Share a sense of teamwork along with shared goals:

  3. Remembering the good things their partner does for them and to not focus on the negative;

  4. Put energy and effort into building on the positives:- discovering, learning and practising the skills that create warmth, love, and fun in the relationship;

  5. Addressing and healing hurts, frustrations and conflicts:- these are not a sign of a troubled or bad relationship but are normal and expected;

  6. How these are handled will determine whether healing happens or the hurts keep occurring;

  7. Engaging in positive use of humour in the relationship;

  8. Learn how to use the conflicts and frustrations to deepen and enhance the relationship;

  9. Successful relationships require a lot of skill and a lot of work;

  10. Loving your partner fully will require personal development and growth;

  11. Learning the skills of being gentle with each other;

  12. Actively respect and support their partners dreams and aspirations;

  13. Experiencing an aliveness of romance and sexual togetherness that continues within the relationship;

  14. Avoiding and working through damaging emotions rather than holding and using these against the other.

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