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Relationship Capital: Releasing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within 


 If you are married and in business, then your relationship goes along for the ride.

Business owners who run a business with their marital or long-term relationship partner eventually learn that a strong and loving marriage has a positive influence on the success of the business. Likewise, an unloving relationship frequently has a negative impact on the business. This applies whether the partner is working in the business full-time, part-time or providing a supportive role from the sidelines.


Business couples who consistently priorities the business at the expense of their marriage will in time realize that they are unhappy with their life.


Why does this occur?


The answer appears to be connected to the health of the relationship which directly impacts on the partner who is the main force within the business. A loving relationship provides a positive context for the business couple to thrive and excel resulting in direct benefits to their business. While an unloving relationship robs the business couple of their drive, creativity and passion.

Frequently in business, the marriage sits in second place to the business and third place if the couple have children. There is an expectation that the relationship will always be there and readily available to meet the needs of the partners.
Essentially the marriage has been set adrift with nothing firm to hold it, resulting in the relationship being at risk of breaking down. This process occurs with little awareness by at least one of the partners and sometimes both partners until severe damage has occurred to the relationship.  


Business owners are aware that anything left unattended will eventually erode and breakdown.
Relationship Capital is a term that is applied to the Business Couples relationship in order to add a descriptive title and/or value to an otherwise unrecognized and little understood business partnership.  
The term Relationship Capital is used to expand the notion of what relationships may mean and the implicit value they offer. By Business Couples investing in their relationship, they are creating the very conditions which enable them to fully apply themselves to their business in order to increase its success and profitability.  

Arguably the Business Couples relationship can be seen as a competitive advantage or a significant liability.

To summarize Relationship Capital:-

  1. Reflects your shared vision, shared values, shared purpose in life with what deeply matters to you;
  2. It is financial wealth that helps to make the future sustainable as well as relationship wealth that nourishes and sustains the human spirit;
  3. The strongest relationships don't just get along - they are actively involved in supporting each other's hopes and aspirations;
  4. Strong relationships build a shared purpose and a reason for building and growing a business;
  5. People investing in Relationship Capital have purpose and a direction. They are fully present, aware and active in the relationship;
  6. The Business Couple have synergy - and actively value their differences;
  7. Differences serve to add value and enhance the business, feedback is not experienced as a personal criticism but as constructive and useful information ;
  8. Strong relationships use conflict in a positive manner where both the business and the relationship gain;
  9. A relationship where good communication is practiced and is viewed as a valued premium;
  10. A relationship based on inclusivity where each person in the relationship is valued within the business.


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