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Relationship Articles: Communication


Communication is recognised as one of the biggest issues

couples have to work out


  1. Communicating as a couple  


We live in a world that is very sophisticated, fast moving, challenging and demanding. It is within this world that a marriage and committed intimate relationship becomes a major source for people to find deep meaning, purpose and happiness.



  2. How do I talk to my partner about counselling.


You and your partner have arrived at a place where you may not be communicating well. Being able to agree on the method for resolving what's going on is becoming remote. Each of you may have a different view of the problem




  3 .    Arguing is pulling us apart. 


When couples handle their differences badly they typically end up throwing "hand grenades" at each other. In other words, they do everything that is unhelpful in terms of resolving their differences and inevitably end up fighting, or worse. This results in the issues going underground even though outwardly each person.....




    4. Listen first - talk second. 


  A Skill to Make Difficult Conversations Less Difficult; How Not to Become Polarized in Conversation with Your Partner; Fighting & Making Peace are Both Learned Activities.....




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