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Marriage and Relationship Review

360 Degree Review



  Find issues that could later become problems


  Find out where you are on the right track


  Improve skills for communication




What is a 360 Degree Marriage Review?



The 360 degree marriage review is proactive. It looks at aspects of the marriage well before matters of mild concern become big enough to threaten the marriage and while the motivation is still strong to stay together.


Couples gain new direction and feel aligned with each other. With an emphasis on openness, honesty and collaboration, the 360 degree marriage review enables couples to look at themselves, each other and their marriage while drawing on their combined experiences.


Who should do a 360 Degree Marriage Review?


Most couples who do the 360 degree marriage review would say that their relationship is doing fine.   Each person feels a good deal of trust, both are physically and emotionally drawn to each other and they are both committed to making their relationship work.  Neither however assume that their relationship will be conflict free.


Together they share the same over-arching goals in life and both consider the other's well-being and happiness important.   


Why do couples do a review?


Some might say that "if it ain't broke, why fix it". But many couples today, both men and women are far more interested in achieving a stronger and loving relationship than fixing things.  


 Couples are proactive and want to know what aspects of their relationship need attention now, to ensure that their relationship is strong enough to withstand the pressures and challenges they are to face across their life together.


What do we get out of it?


Couples will spotlight strengths as well as areas for development and change within their marriage resulting in precise information they can act on. Following the 360 degree marriage review, couples move toward shared goals more quickly.


This helps forge a marriage that maintains a focus on continuous growth and relationship skill development, encouraging a closeness with each other while strengthening the marriage.


What's involved?



Our 360 degree marriage review is a 2 (two) hour session with a highly experienced marriage specialist who maintains a positive focus for your marriage and relationship.




Provides a reliable road map for couples to follow

 to achieve a stronger and closer marriage.


Preventing tomorrow's problems today.


  To find out how a 360 degree marriage review can help you

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