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Relationship Articles: Commitment


Relationships and Marriage are about being connected.  



 1. Commitment.....Is marriage different?


Living together versus marriage, does marriage still matter?

These two questions are increasingly being asked by people who are in intimate relationships..


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  2. Intimacy - Everybody wants it.  


Everybody wants it, not everyone can achieve it. The desire to express and experience intimacy is a natural human trait..


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  3 .  Relationships and being single


June 16, 2008; Sunday Telegraph Article by Emma Mansfield;

Singles exist in force as they have in no other generation..


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  4.  Strategies for Surviving an Affair


Few problems in marriage cause as much heartache as an extramarital affair. Most couples caught up in an affair state that they have never felt such intense emotions..


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  5 . Surviving an Affair


The short answer to whether a marriage can recover and grow when one partner has had an affair is... a conditional yes..


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  6.  Ten reasons why men won't commit


These reasons are taken from research carried out in the U.S.A., these findings nevertheless are similar to our experiences here in Australia.


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