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Relationship Articles: Relationship success


Try our exercises to find out more about your relationship.



 1. How does our relationship compare?


This is a couple activity designed for you both to identify and discuss how your relationship compares to other couples, such as your friends. The aim of this activity is to encourage conversation with your partner...


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 2. Tips for relationship success.


Take on the idea that love and marriage are skill-based propositions. Like most things of high value, it takes effort and mindfulness to achieve...



 3. To do list for a good relationship.


Experienced marriage and relationship counsellors have identified a number of components that are important to successful long-term relationships for couples... 




 4. The Cinderella effect.   


Can relationships live up to the fairytale? From the moment we are placed in the bassinet our heads are filled with tales and adventures that exist only in 'far away lands'...



  5. How do great couples get it right?

            Will your relationship succeed?


Great couples know that a relationship is a journey, not a sprint. Great couples think about and work towards building an enduring relationship...



  6. Couples Therapy ...A Health Tool?


Couples who are constantly at odds with their spouses or partners are shocked to find out that married people have a much higher sense of well being than those who are single, divorced or widowed...



   7. Seven Rules for Couples to love longer


Research has found that we are more productive, are healthier and more likely to have our finances in good shape when we are in a healthy, loving and committed marriage or relationship. See what makes the difference...



  8. Relationships need check ups..


We have been counselling families and couples for nearly 30 years now, and over that time, experience has shown us that couples  who create the best environment for relationships to flourish have demonstrated their commitment and willingness to change...




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