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Marriage Counselling &
Relationship Counselling  

Specialist Couples Counselling Service

At Humaneed, our primary purpose is to assist couples achieve the kind of relationship they have always wanted.


We are dedicated to providing guidance that will assist couples to prevent the breakdown of their relationship or marriage.


We offer advice and help for couples to develop relationship skills enabling them to strengthen and enrich their lives together.


We guide and support couples through their toughest conversations and heart felt feelings on the most challenging issues they face in their relationship or marriage.

 How can we help ....

Individual Counselling

Marriage Counselling


What you can expect from us...

  • A friendly human voice to speak to when you call;
  • No long delay to see a Marriage and Relationship Counsellor;
  • Through our initial phone consultation we ensure the Marriage and Relationship Counsellor you see is the one best suited to your needs;
  • All of our Counsellors are highly experienced Psychologists and Social Workers who have specialist training in Marriage, Relationship and Family Counselling and Guidance;
  • We offer a wide availability of appointments for counselling
    sessions, including after-hours and weekends.
  • Our focus is on the positive enrichment of relationships and marriage for individuals, couples and family.

Relationship Health Check

A check up for your relationship.

Keep an eye out for niggly issues.

Perhaps it is time for a reset session..




Marriage and Relationship Intensive Sessions


If you are in a marriage or relationship where one of you is about to walk out then these intensives are essential.


They are very different to the usual slow and steady marriage counselling. They are designed to quickly get to the basics and then work on how to move forward from there, they are intense as the name suggests.


Each Marriage and Relationship Intensive Session is for three hours and occur on two consecutive days

(available Saturday and Sunday as well as weekdays).


Because your relationship is at a critical point we ensure that your 'Marriage and Relationship Intensive Sessions' are made as soon as possible. 


Call 1300 486 263 for enquiries or to arrange a booking.

To stop marriage breakdown.




Men in Relationships

Emotional, Physical  

& Sexual Functioning 









Life Satisfaction of

Women in an Intimate Relationship  

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Marriage Satisfaction

for Newlyweds









The Future of Couples Counselling and Research in Australia





Relationship RESCUE


What if we have

reached crisis point?



Our Intensive Sessions

really work...


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